“Our staff put the player first”

Swerve Soccer staff put the player first, are mindful of each player's individuals needs and ensure each player is the centre of attention. We will focus on effort rather than outcome and help grow individual performances through trial and error.

As a Swerve Soccer member, we will aid players through motivation, without any prejudice and without intimidation or shame/violence. SSC will focus on enhancing each players development through educational strategies and technical training sessions. We believe in providing a culture that gives players the chance to express themselves and be creative. We focus on individual player development rather than team performances.

Our focus will be on progressing all involved with repetition when required for each and every player. We wish to provide a healthy and competitive environment that encourages confidence and risk. We do not look at our programme as ‘just coaching’, we aim to impact each player's day-to-day lives by providing a system where we encourage character development, self-discipline, self-motivation, self-worth and joy of life.